Increase website traffic. SEO Tools

I worked on website traffic acquisition of more than 20 clients.

As a SEO consultant at Eskimoz, I worked on different types of websites (e-commerce, showcase site, web application, …) and on various issues (Migration, reputation, competitive SEO, …). I also worked on a wide variety of themes such as travel, B2B, marketing, fashion, and even events.


My mission generally consists of 3 phases: Audits, support and reporting.

  • I start a project by carrying out a semantic audit, a competition audit and a technical audit. The semantic audit consists in analyzing the semantic field and proposing keywords with high potential. The competition audit focuses on the technical and semantic analysis of the competitors. Finally, the technical audit is a very complete on-site and off-site analysis which gives rise to a roadmap.
  • I accompany clients in the implementation of recommendations, thanks to my expertise and the tools I make available. In addition, I perform netlinking which is a very important lever in SEO.
  • Finally, I make a monthly report in addition to the DataStudio dashboard that I created.


To do my missions, I use lots of tools, both for project management and audits.

  • For project management, I mainly use Trello, and sometimes Monday.
  • To do the audits I use a large number of SEO tools available on the market : SEMRush, Ahref, SEObserver, Majestic SEO, Screaming Frog, SEOQuantum, Dareboost, … I also use Excel for the semantic audit.
  • At last, I use Power Point to do my reports as well as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahref and SEMRush.