Semantic audit. VBA & Excel

Optimisation of the semantic audit for SEO Consultant at Eskimoz Agency.

In order to increase the SEO traffic of a website, it is important to make audits. To get an idea of the positioning of the customer and its competitors, we make a semantic audit on Excel. 

To save time, I decided to optimize this audit as much as possible thanks to Excel formulas and VBA.


First of all, I have a lot of variables in place to avoid wasting time with repetitive copy and paste. So I created a tab with variables that I called via different formulas in the audit. I also put a maximum of formulas (VLOOKUP, SUMIF, COUNTIFS, MID,…) to avoid manual actions.

To go further, I worked on the optimization of the exports of the data coming from another Excel file, via a VBA program. The program opens the source file, copies the data we are interested in and pastes them in the corresponding cells in the semantic audit.


In the end, the optimization of this file allows me to reduce the time it takes to perform the audit on some clients by half. Multiplied by the number of consultants using this work, I let you imagine the time saving.