Website migration. SEO Tools & Excel

I participated in the redesign and migration of a high traffic website.

I worked on the migration of a website following the modification of the visual identity and the structure of the website. The authoritative factor of Google’s algorithm is important in this sector: the education. So the stakes were to keep a maximum of SEO juice from the old pages and to lose as little SEO traffic as possible.

I collaborated with a web development agency using the a tool called Monday. On my side, I had to crawl the pre-production and the existing site in order to draw up a redirection plan. In addition, I also did a semantic optimization of each important new page.


After several months of working together and dividing up tasks, we put the new site into production. Thanks to the semantic optimizations, and the redirection plan, we had almost no 4XX errors and we quickly positioned our new URLs on the keywords.

In addition, the site increased its conversion rate (number of registrations) thanks to this redesign.